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Wet wipes 150 pieces

FCFA1,500.00 FCFA600.00

Universal closure for...


Sponge cloths 5 pieces

FCFA1,300.00 FCFA800.00

Rubber rings 80g

FCFA1,600.00 FCFA650.00

Glitter 100 pieces

FCFA1,100.00 FCFA600.00

Garbage Bags 35l 35 Pieces

FCFA1,450.00 FCFA1,000.00

Freezing bags 1l 100 pieces

FCFA1,800.00 FCFA1,500.00

Food film 75m

FCFA1,800.00 FCFA1,300.00

Dustbin Bags ecological...

FCFA3,800.00 FCFA2,500.00

Domestic sponges 10 pieces

FCFA1,000.00 FCFA800.00

Dishwasher Normal 500ml


Dishwasher Apple 500ml


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